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Angry Birds is a game developed by Finland computer game developer Rovio Mobile with his character is flocks of birds with different capabilities while the enemy is a green pig. Its origin is that the pigs steal the eggs of birds and bird eggs about to try to take them back. Angry Birds now available many versions of Version Rio, Season and Space. This game bird is fired by a slingshot. It's hard enough for a beginner to play or drive to the target. In this article will explain about Angry Birds Season. Check out our review below.

Game Angry Birds 2013 has now spread throughout the world because this game is not only played by a kid anymore but adults are now also play. If you are like a strategy game Angry Birds Season Game probably is worth a try because even though this game seems easy but to get a high score with 3 stars is not as easy as imagined. In the game Angry Birds golden eggs there (Golden Eggs), which if taken we will be able to play a bonus round.

In Game Angry Birds, pig have a different sizes with other pig. There is a large and some are small. The larger the size of the pig is then to defeat it was also more difficult because if the pigs are small is the weakest. We can also use the help provided such buster bombs to defeat the enemy pigs.

- Angry Birds Space updated to 1.4.1.
- Online injector is also included which requires an internet connection to work and possibly works with future versions.
- New crack for Bad Piggies is also included and fully works with latest version, 1.1.
- Saves & Unlockers are updated to their latest definitions.

This pack includes :
- Angry Birds 3.0.0
- Angry Birds Rio 1.4.4
- Angry Birds Seasons 3.1.1
- Angry Birds Space 1.4.1
- Angry Birds Star Wars 1.1.2
- Bad Piggies 1.1.0

1. Install any of the games you like.
2. Use universal offline patch to patch the game you want or online injector (according to it's readme, although it's not recommended)
** For Bad Piggies use crack-only file which is included in patch folder.
3. Register with any serial you want.
4. Play the game!

Note: Saves are 100% completed levels + all Bonus levels finished with 3 stars.
Note: Unlocker only unlocks all levels without modifying your save game.
Note: For trainers, read the help files included in each folder.
Note: Walkthroughs for all editions are available in Here

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Angry Birds Collection Pack 2013 + Bad Piggies Full

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