Title : One Piece Colloseum M.U.G.E.N Full Version (PC/ENG) Free
Type : Download

System Requirements:
Processor Speed: Intel Pentium 4 1 Ghz or AMD Athlon 1.1 Ghz
Operating System: Windows Xp,Windows Vista,Windows 7
Memory RAM: 512 Mb of RAM for Windows XP and 1 Gb RAM for Windows Vista and Windows 7
Harddisk Space: 1 Gb free Harddidk Space
DirectX Version: DirectX 8
Soundcard: 16 bit with DirectX Compitable
Keyboard and Mouse

One Piece Colloseum M.U.G.E.N Full Version 2012 - Surely you're all familiar aboutone piece. The Film is motivated by the heyday of pirates. And this time I post gamepc version of its one piece. This game is a battle-themed pc games. Lots of players'choice, you choose which one you prefer. This game is not too severe, includingsmall-group game but definitely will make you feel better. Quick download this game, The Game is quite exciting and entertaining. For those of you who like piratesand the movie one piece, this is the game that will deliver your favorite. This gamedoes not need a specification that is too big, I'm sure all of you computer can playthis game.

One Piece Colloseum Mugen game 2012 based mostly off of the popular anime and manga series, One Piece. the sport contains characters from the whole manga up to the purpose where the sport stops, that is that the Whitebeard War arc, and uses sprites that are based mostly off of the Wonderswan color game "One Piece Grand Battle Colosseum", the sport Boy Advance game "One Piece", and therefore the Nintendo DS game "One Piece Gigant Battle".
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One Piece Colloseum M.U.G.E.N Full Version (PC/ENG) Free

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