MineCraft 0.2.0  Apk - Pocket Edition Full Free Download
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Title : MineCraft 0.2.0 Apk - Pocket Edition Full Free Download
Type : Download
Category : Adventure, Mobile Games, New Games, Popular, Strategy, Skill

MineCraft Pocket Edition brought to you by Mojang has been updated to version 0.2.0 with some features added like turn sensivity setting and added castuses to desert. In the previous version, some features was added like third person view for all phones, possible to turn in game sound off and mirrored control for people with left handed. MineCraft is a game optimized for Xperia Play.

This is the pocket version of the MineCraft Game, a game that is always a challenging and fun game to play. Now with the new MineCraft – Pocket Edition, you can build anyeher at anytime you want, even while you’re on the go. Use Blocks to create a masterpiece as you travel, chilling out, hangin with friends, watching TV, sit on the park, waiting someone at a station, sit at the park, or anything is possible, because you can move beyond the limits of your computers and play Minecraft anywhere you’re going, because everywhere is just possible.

MineCraft – Pocket Edition features Randomized worlds, 36 diffenet kind of blocks you can build with, Build anything you can think of, save multiplayer worlds on your Android phone, Invite and play with friends to your world through Local Wireless Network, kill your time with this addicting game and more.

MineCraft – Pocket Edition is optimized for Sony Ericsson Xperia play. MineCraft 0.20 .Apk works on Android 2.1 and higher version. It has only 2 MB of .Apk file size, which is quite light. Download and install MineCraft – Pocket Edition .Apk now and build your own building you can imagine.
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MineCraft – Pocket Edition 0.2.0 .Apk Full Download 
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