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Consider on the job of a youthful father and husband, Davis Russel, who finds himself thrust into war when his peaceful town is invaded by an unknown enemy. With his daughter missing and traditional weapons and tactics all but worthless, this regular cop and his accomplice Leo Delgado will rise as much as heed the simply call of duty, grasp the elementary forces of gravity and help save the planet.
Multiplayer Alternatives:
- Engage in by means of the compelling story yourself or engage in with others in possibly co-op or aggressive modes.
Breakthrough Gravity-Defying Gameplay:
- Learn how to maneuver and shoot in an ever-changing condition of worldwide gravity, together with weightless gameplay in zero gravity.
- Handle gravitational forces using your Gravlink gadget to possibly raise or reduce the total of gravity on the given focus on.
- Command gravity to crush objects inside your way, float enemies into array or perhaps decide on up autos to use them as mobile go over.

Progressive Cover System:
- With bullets flying, search for go over objects in the surroundings or manipulate objects to create address for on your own.
Pervasive Environmental Destruction:
- INVERSION™has been particularly made to make it possible for for utmost destructibility utilizing the “Havok Destruction” module.
- Blast through the environments, focus on your enemies’ go over blasting it to bits or perhaps knock down overhead objects to crush the enemy underneath.

“Don’t just defy gravity. Command it.”
2.4 GHz dual core processor
1,5GB RAM for Windows Vista/7
16 GB of hard drive space (all DLC to be released)
256 MB GFX with 4.0 Pixel shader
DirectX 10 and 10.1

core2duo 3GHz/AMD X3 2,8
2-4GB DDR2 windows vista/7
512 or 896MB GPU
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Inversion Full Version Download Free For PC