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Category : Action, Adventure, Popular, PC Games, Sport, Skill, Shoot, war, Fighting

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OS: Windows Vista®/XP, Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz or better, AMD Athlon X2 2.2 Ghz or better
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800GTS or better, ATI Radeon™ HD 3850 or better
DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c and DirectX® 10 (Enhanced for: DirectX 10, 64-bit, multi-core)
Hard Drive: 8.5 GB free hard drive space
Sound: Standard audio device

Dead Rising 2 Free Download - Capcom is really the king in the world of zombie-themed game. After the success of Resident Evil franchise, this time they hit the gaming world back again with another zombie-themed games, Dead Rising. Now, the game has reached its sequel and the game as its predecessor, Dead Rising 2 is really very pleasant and fun to play.

Dead Rising 2, as we have explained above, is the sequel of the same title that was released in 2006 on Xbox 360. If you previously served as a photographer named Frank West, so this time you will control the other characters named Chuck Greene. Chuck Greene used to have a wife, but unfortunately bad luck to his wife where the wife was bitten to death by zombies. In the end, Chuck was left alone with his daughter, Katey, who was also previously been infected by being bitten by a zombie. But thanks to a drug called Zombrex, the disease was held.

In a world that has now been totally destroyed it, Chuck went back to my career as a motorcycle racer at an event called Terror is Reality (formerly, Chuck is also a motocross racer), where Chuck along with the other contestants have to deal with a bunch of zombies that have been prepared by event using a motor that has been modified such that it becomes a very deadly. The end goal? Earn money and perhaps in the case of Chuck, he should get the money to buy Zombrex for his daughter.

After the first race is at risk of death was ended, there was an incident and once again the town called Fortune City, a place that became the main setting in Dead Rising, the zombie again and again descended into chaos rampant in the streets. Chuck and their daughter managed to escape to a safe house that was intended to be a reservoir of people who survived an incident like this again broke out and they had to wait for three days in that place, until the government lowered the military and rescue them.

Already Are they safe? Indeed a glance safe, but Chuck has a problem in itself. He did not have Zombrex can be given to his daughter, when his daughter takes the drug once every 24 hours. From there, Chuck adventure in a world full of zombies has started. He had to find a cure for his daughter, save those who are still alive and kill the zombie on the loose, ready to kill Chuck mercilessly.

Well, if you once really liked Dead Rising 1, can we be sure Dead Rising 2 will love this. There are many similarities between Dead Rising Dead Rising 1 and 2. You will still get out of the safe house through the windpipe, arrived at the mall and you will get guidance and assistance in the form of a mission assignment from someone who was in the safe house over the radio. To do that, you have limited time and if you fail to fulfill your task in the allotted time, then that means you have failed. Finished running errands and kill the zombies will mean a rise in the level of Chuck and that means also, Chuck will have a much longer blood, more inventory slots and do not forget too much movement you can use to eliminate the enemy.

Not very similar to its predecessor? Yes, indeed. This sequel is very similar, and thankfully, the developers of this game, Blue Castle Games, able to add some features that make the game remains exciting and fun to play. Well, if you now think, that will change here is the storyline and the enemy may be a mini-boss, then you are wrong. Now the zombies that are here tend to focus on Chuck and that means, you should be more alert to things around you. But it also means you no longer need to be too giddy to care for the fate of the people that you have previously saved. One more positive thing of this game is there are so many places save. So you do not have to worry anymore with it.

Well, the extra added features we think is most exciting is the ability to create a new weapon of existing equipment. The new weapon is called a combo weapons. If previously in Dead Rising you can only use whatever weapons are scattered here and there, then here, you can pick it up and you can combine it with other stuff to make a weapon that works far more deadly. Of course you also will still find lots of items scattered here and there that you can use to menggebuki enemy to death. What advantages are there with the use of these weapons combo? This weapon has a durability that is much more stable than the normal weapons and by using this weapon, the greater the experience that you can get.

Similarly, the increased level of character that Chuck is also one of the most interesting element in this game. At the beginning of the game, Chuck will not be able to perform movements that can help him to get out of the constriction such as jump kicks. Even as the game, eventually you will reach a point where you can kill zombies with a single beat it. It is not possible too, if you met the first time you play a very tough boss to be killed, but after level increases, you come back to confront him. The result? As against a child just learning to walk.

What about the time element is included here? Perhaps according to some gamers, these elements will become a burden. But if traced further more, the actual element is an element of curiosity that could provoke a person to know something. We believe, when playing this game, Kotakers must have thought, "What would happen if the mission does not run?" Well, that's the kind of thinking will lure gamers to want to keep trying to play it over and over again. All this thanks to the ability of Blue Castle Games is a successful mix of interesting storylines to follow.

That does not mean this game has no flaws. In our opinion personally, as a sequel of a game, the game should have a far more refined than ever before. But we got in this game is a rough character designs that seem strange and even impressed. Not only that, many times the movement of the characters and voices that fill certain characteristics, there was less fit and did not explore. Framerate of the game can sometimes be seen not so supportive and broken. Even the usual problems faced by the players, ie, when loading, and even then is still here. Maybe it was the effect of the number of zombies that are included in a game. Similarly, the problems are not uncommon animations look stiff.

What about the online game mode multiplayernya? To be honest, not too much to add anymore, especially after you finished playing Dead Rising 2. In its online mode, you're going to compete in a mini-games where you have to compete with other contestants to kill as many zombies as possible. After winning, you will get the money that will be also be brought into the single-player mode you. While it is for the money problems can be helped and the game itself is fun, but nothing can be said as a separate addition.

Well, besides the existence of rival fashion like that, maybe this one could also make this game a little more exciting (or even disrupt the atmosphere of the game). In the middle of the game, other players can eventually join the game by being a clone is an exact Chuck Greene. Maybe at one time, the friends you can make the game easier, but if you're trying to enjoy the story, maybe it will make you play mood is broken.

Last comment from us, Dead Rising 2 is really steady. Although not a game that has the most subtle graphics world, but this game can still be a game that can be played over and over and that he cried again, it felt very nice. Discover the pleasure of playing in this game. Chuck can still play zombies with a pair of a mask and you can mix drinks and get the experience of the books you read. Everything was still there and we are sure, Kotakers will feel like playing his first game back, it's just the difference, this time the game has a storyline that is more fun and not lose any additional thrill.
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